2016 Jonathan Edwards Conference

We thank God for a successful conference. We pray that he would mightily use it for his own glory and to further his purposes, namely of reformation & revival of his Church.

The conference took place on the 9th & 10th June 2016 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham.

Audio recordings for the conference are freely available here.

Michael Bräutigam

Iain D Campbell
Gerald McDermott
Roy Mellor
Iain Murray
William Schweitzer
Douglas Sweeney
Guy Waters

Andrew Kerr
Kevin Bidwell


Thursday 9th June
10:00    Registration
10:15    Welcome
10:20    Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell, “Devotion on: Matthew 6 – The Lord’s Prayer & the Glory of God”
10:45    Revd Iain H Murray, “Jonathan Edwards & Preparation for Revival”
11:45    Coffee & Bookstall
12:00    Revd Dr Gerald McDermott “Can Reason Tell Us Anything About God? Edwards Against Modern Protestant Theology”
13:00    Lunch, provided by the hotel
14:00    Revd Dr William Schweitzer, “A True Sense of the Glory of God: Jonathan Edwards & the Beatific Vision”
15:00    Coffee & Bookstall
15:20    Revd Roy Mellor, “The Glory of God in the Transformation of Sinners”
16:20    Free Time, Durham Cathedral or Botanic Gardens
19:30    Revd Andrew Kerr, “Worship & Sermon – The Glory of God in Isaiah 6.1-8: Motivation for Ministry”

Friday 10th June
09:00    Registration (single day participants only)
09:15    Welcome
09:20    Revd Dr Kevin Bidwell, “Devotion on: 2 Thessalonians 2 – The Glory of God in the Day of The Lord”
09:45    Revd Ian D Campbell, “Religious Affections to the Glory of God”
10:45    Coffee & Bookstall
11:00    Dr Douglas Sweeney “God Glorified through the Forward March of Time: Jonathan Edwards & the History of Redemption”
12:00    Lunch, provided by the hotel
12:45    Revd Dr Guy Waters, “Jonathan Edwards, The Gospel of John, & the Glory of God”
13:45    Coffee & Bookstall
14:00    Revd Dr Michael Bräutigam, “Jonathan Edwards on the Transformative Power of Contemplating the Beauty of Jesus Christ”
15:00    Panel Discussion
15:30    Close of Conference

Jonathan Edwards For the Church is a conference to encourage the church in the UK.  In a day of confusion, we pray it would be in the hands of Almighty God an instrument for reformation and revival.  The topic for 2016 is one that delighted and animated Jonathan Edwards throughout his fruitful life: the Glory of God.  Come join us; the speakers will have ministers or men training for ministry particularly in mind as they prepare, but all of God’s people are welcome.

A notable feature of the recovery of the Reformed faith in the United Kingdom was God’s use of American theologian Jonathan Edwards in the ministries and lives of the leaders. Thomas Chalmers, Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Pink, John Murray, and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones all considered the discovery of Edwards’ writings as turning points in their ministries. Indeed, it is at least possible that the qualitative influence of Edwards has been greater here than it has been among the American church. Jonathan Edwards for the Church seeks to promote such usefulness in a new generation.

The Jonathan Edwards for the Church Conference met for the first time in February 2014 at Durham. See the conference report here.

You can also go to the Media Page to listen to all the presentations from the conference.

Jonathan Edwards for the Church – the book of the 2014 conference is now available via Evangelical Press.

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